• Set a fundraising target – once you have decided on how much money you need to raise to reach your clubs goal, you will need to consider how many people are available to help you with the sale of the carry boxes.

    This will help you to determine how many boxes you will need to order.

    Our Pooch calculator can help you with this, or alternatively, you can call us on
     (03) 9388 9347.


  • Set a date – when deciding on a start and finish date, consider other events scheduled in your planner, and availability of members to help with selling


  • Contacting your seller’s – knowing how the funds will benefit your club can generate both excitement and enthusiasm among your clubs members.

    Use our Pooch Treats fundraiser letter template to reach out to your sellers a week prior to starting your fundraising campaign.


  • Order your carry boxes – select four varieties from our range.

    If you need help in selecting which products are best suited to your club, please call us on (03) 9388 9347.


  • Confirm your order - --------------------------------------------------


  • Delivery of carry boxes – please ensure when the stock arrives, it is kept in a safe, dry and cool area.


  • Distribution of the carry boxes – to help you keep a track of the distribution of carry boxes to your seller’s, please download our Pooch Tally Sheet.

    When handing out the boxes, please remember to include our seller’s tips guide.


  • Build momentum – encourage your seller’s to promote their carry boxes using our fundraising goal poster.

    Advertising your clubs progress through social media, club website and newsletters, can help to keep sellers motivated and aware of the finish date.


  • Send a friendly one week reminder – send out our Pooch Treats One Week to Go Letter Template a week prior to the set finish date.


  • Collecting funds -  Use our Pooch Tally Sheet to keep track of who has returned money collected, how much and number of residual products (if any).


  • Pooch Treats payment & reconciliation of stock – contact Pooch Treats to organise payment of invoice. Any returns must be placed in carry boxes containing 20 bags. The most amount of non-refundable stock is 19 bags. All returns incur a freight charge of 10% of the cost of products.


  • Celebrate your success! – send your members a letter of success to thank them for their part in raising funds for your club.


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