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Fundraising with Pooch Treats:


  • Always ensure an adult is present when selling any Pooch Treats bags

  • Follow the safe and responsible fundraising guidelines


If selling door-to-door:


  • Always be friendly and polite

  • Let them know who you are raising the money for

  • Tell them the goals or aim of the fundraiser

  • Show them the tasty varieties for sale

  • Let them know the price


If selling in the office or workplace:


  • Place fundraiser box in a prominent position, such as the lunch room or reception area

  • As many people love to spoil their pooches, re-stock regularly (you may need to reach out to your contact for more fundraising boxes)

  • Empty money container regularly



We know how enthusiastic kids can be in lending a helping hand with fundraisers. To ensure a safe and responsible fundraising activity, please consider the following guidelines:


  • Adults should plan the fundraising activity


  • Adults must be present at all times




When selling bags door-to-door or asking people to sell boxes for you, the most important thing is to have fun. Do not pressure people into selling boxes or into buying a delicious bag of tasty treats for their pooch!



Let your buyers know what they are supporting by being clear about where you are from and what the fundraiser is for.