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What are the clubs fundraising goals?

It is important to be able to communicate to your club members how the proceeds of the fundraiser will be distributed and the target amount you are hoping to achieve.

Planning Ahead

Once you have established your clubs goals, the next phase is to calculate how many boxes of Pooch Treats tasty dog treats you will need to sell.

You can use the Pooch calculator to help you with this process.

We also offer Pooch Fundraising Hampers as a great way to enhance your fundraising campaign. These hampers are ideal for raffles and door prizes

Pooch Treats recommends the club nominate a responsible person/s to advertise the fundraiser and collect the money.

 You can use the Pooch Fundraising Checklist to assist you with strategies for a stress-free fundraising campaign.

Place Your Order

Now you are ready to choose 4 scrumptious treats from our Pooch Fundraising Range, such as pig ears, beef liver, beef jerky, kangaroo jerky, kangaroo straps, kangaroo chews and beef tendons.

Ordering is easy! Simply call Pooch Treats to set up an account, or alternatively, you can apply online  


Gather the members

As fundraising is a team effort, our Pooch Treats Fundraiser letter template will help you reach out to all club members and let them know when their carry boxes are due to arrive.

Now You Are Ready to Sell

To give your members selling support, please include the seller’s tips guide with their carry boxes.

  • Be friendly and polite

  • Stamp all boxes with your club details in the blank square provided for club identification

  • Adhere to the responsible fundraising guidelines

  • When selling door-to-door, remember to identify your club and why you are fundraising

  • Show them the 4 tasty options

  • Tell them the price

Selling at Work

  • Place in a busy area, such as reception

  • Make a sign to advertise who you are fundraising for and why

  • Contact your club organiser for refill stock if needed

We at Pooch Treats love to engage with our customers.

Please refer to our Pooch Treats Monthly Competition for extra incentives to choose Pooch Treats products and to support your club!

Collecting the Funds

To make the collection of funds a smoother process, please refer to the Pooch Treats One Week to Go Letter Template.

Additionally, we have great incentives you can promote to your sellers and assist in the handing in of money on time.

Check out our Pooch Treats Seller Incentives here!

Ready to Pay?


Celebrate Your Success with Us

It’s time to celebrate!

Thanking all sellers and rewarding best sellers has never been easier. Our thank you letter of appreciation may be of help here Pooch Treats letter of success template.

We would love to hear your success story too!

Contact Pooch Treats, and your story could end up on our Testimonial Page!